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Kaiser Family Foundation/Commonwealth Fund 2015 National Survey of Primary Care

Country: United States

Survey Organization: Social Science Research Solutions

Field Dates: January 5, 2015—March 30, 2015

Sample: A random sample of 1,624 primary care physicians and a separate random sample of 366 nurse practitioners (NPs) and 159 physician assistants (PAs) working in primary care practices. The surveys achieved the following response rates, calculated using AAPOR’s RR3: physicians (34%), NPs (29%), and PAs (25%).

Interview Method: Survey responses were collected via hard copy and Web-based questionnaires. In an effort to maximize contact and completion rates, providers were contacted by multiple modes (mail, telephone, and email) and offered incentives.

This publication is one in our ongoing series on Survey of Providers

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Publication Date: June 18, 2015