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How Unions Can Transform the Way Americans Get Care

Truck drivers spend most of their day sitting, which puts them at a high risk of obesity, heart disease, and high blood pressure, among other health problems.

But a visionary doctor who cares for union truck drivers in Tulsa, Oklahoma, came up with a plan to integrate exercise into their daily routine. When they stop to check the tires, for example, they can walk around the truck six times instead of just once.

On this episode of The Dose, Shanoor Seervai interviews Mark Blum of America’s Agenda, an alliance of labor unions, employers, health care providers, and government leaders, about how innovative unions are changing the way care is delivered.

A Tell-All on Telehealth: Where Is Congress Heading Next?

Doctor using telehealth to treat patient

Telehealth, which uses telecommunications to support virtual health care delivery to improve access to and quality of health care, is moving from promise to reality. The benefits are appealing: Patients can interact with their providers remotely, which improves access to care and can help providers manage chronic conditions from afar.

Listening to Low-Income Patients and Their Physicians: Solutions for Improving Access and Quality in Primary Care

Listening to Low-Income Patients and Their Physicians: Solutions for Improving Access and Quality in Primary Care

High-quality primary care is critically important for health. Unfortunately, for low-income people, it often falls short of meeting needs. Over the past year and a half, the Commonwealth Fund held focus groups with more than 100 low-income patients and 30 primary care physicians (PCPs) serving them. Patients and their doctors identified several barriers that hinder access and ability to provide high-quality primary health care and discussed potential solutions.

The Past and Future of Association Health Plans

The Uncertain Future of Association Health Plans

The Trump administration has made the formation of association health plans (AHPs) — those offered by business or professional associations to their members — a central focus of its health policy agenda by significantly expanding their reach, but a federal court decision made in March has found the new rules violate federal tax law.