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Q&A: Response to COVID-19 Lags in Rural Communities

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Lynn Barr is CEO of Caravan Health, a consulting firm providing guidance and technical assistance to hospitals and provider groups participating in accountable care programs. About half of her clients are critical-access hospitals or rural health clinics based in communities that face severe shortages of ICU beds, ventilators, and personal protective equipment for health care workers. The Commonwealth Fund spoke to Barr about how they are responding to the coronavirus crisis.

When It’s Over, Will Our Health System Be Different?

Trauma changes people. It can also change nations. In the United States, the Great Depression produced the first national social safety net, in the form of Social Security, unemployment insurance, and a raft of other programs. In England, World War II yielded the country’s beloved National Health Service. Will the coronavirus pandemic change us now?

High Stakes: America’s Journey to the Affordable Care Act

In February 2010, thirteen-month-old Isaac lost his health insurance and the life-sustaining medical equipment that his insurance plan paid for. Born in 2009 with esophageal atresia, Isaac had exhausted his lifetime limit before his second birthday. Six weeks later, the Affordable Care Act became law and Isaac regained coverage that protected him and his family against lifetime maximums. As the ACA reaches its ten-year anniversary, the Supreme Court prepares to hear a case that could strike the federal statute down. In this film, the Commonwealth Fund invites Nancy-Ann DeParle, Chip Kahn, and Julie Rovner to discuss the history of health reform in the United States, the realities of pre-ACA life for families like Isaac’s, and the work it took to protect him.

‘A Monumental Effort’: How Obamacare Was Passed

ACA at 10 years with Liz Fowler

With the United States in the grips of a pandemic that will surely test our health care system, it’s worth reflecting on how the Affordable Care Act, now deeply woven into the fabric of American health care, came to be.