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The Affordable Care Act’s Missing Consensus

Many Americans believe our health insurance system needs reform. Others prefer to let each state chart its own course. Researchers from consider how variations in political values, attitudes toward government, and experiences with the health care system shape people’s preferences with regard to health system change.

Attaining Equitable High-Value Maternity Care

woman getting ultrasound while pregnant

For many decades, the United States has failed people of color. Poor maternal health outcomes, troubling racial disparities, and the rising costs of maternity care present a call for action. To aid in this effort, the Health Care Transformation Task Force is launching new resources.

Where Telemedicine Falls Short

telehealth stethoscope

Telehealth use has surged during the coronavirus pandemic, with the technology spreading far and fast. Doctors and patients alike must be wondering if this is the beginning of a whole new kind of doctor–patient relationship, one that might totally transform our health care system.

The rebound in visits is occurring across the U.S. The initial decrease in visits was most evident in the New England, Mid-Atlantic, and Pacific regions.

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Since the nadir of visits in late March, there has been a substantial rebound in visits among people covered by Medicare. The rebound among people covered by Medicaid has lagged.

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In the past week, visits to some clinical specialties, such as dermatology and rheumatology, have returned to their baseline rates.

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As the Pandemic Evolves, So Do Ambulatory Care Practices

The Commonwealth Fund has been collaborating with researchers at Harvard University and Phreesia, a health care technology company, to document the dramatic changes to ambulatory care practices wrought by COVID-19. The first snapshot revealed a staggering 58 percent drop in outpatient visits in late March. Since then, there’s been a rebound in visits as medical offices reopened and patients began to return.