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Reform 7 — Single Payer “Lite”

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Summary Table. Eight Health Reform Options: Summary of Features

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Medical Emergency? Philadelphia’s Fire Department to the Rescue

The Dose: Medical Emergency? Philadelphia’s Fire Department to the Rescue

Each day, Philadelphia’s fire department responds to nearly a thousand emergencies, whether it’s saving someone from opioid overdose or helping a person having trouble getting out of bed.

What would it be like to spend a day in the life of the person who runs emergency medical services for a big city? Listen to the latest episode of The Dose podcast to find out how Philadelphia EMS deputy commissioner Crystal Yates deals with crises on a daily basis.

Yates, one of the first recipients of the Pozen Commonwealth Fund Fellowship in Minority Health Leadership at Yale University, has made it her mission to find innovative ways to come to the rescue of people with no other resources to turn to.

Q&A with Alison Stuebe, M.D.

Hear what it will take to improve care for women after childbirth in a Q&A with Alison Stuebe, M.D., the lead author of an American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists Committee Opinion encouraging clinicians to take a more comprehensive approach to postpartum care.